Dryer vent cleaning and Repair

Dryer Vent Cleaning Truck
Some homeowners are skeptical when you try to explain to them the importance of clean dryer vents. When you mention that over 15,000 dryer fires occur every year – many of them due to neglected dryer vents – they start listening. When you add in the fact that obstructed dryer vents can also lead to higher energy costs, it doesn’t take long for them to realize that dryer vent cleaning should be a regular component of their home maintenance. We offer comprehensive dryer vent cleaning services in Eugene, Springfield, and beyond. Our services are affordable, and they are backed up by many years of experience.When we clean you dryer vent and the associated air ducts, we use a powerful truck mounted vacuum to fully remove all of the lint and dust that has built up over time. In addition, we run compressed air through your dryer vent to assure that there are no obstructions. Afterwards, we thoroughly clean the lint trap.

It’s important to note that we go to great lengths to respect your property. We will leave your house in better shape than we found it. Cleaning a dryer vent can be a messy job, but we make sure to secure all connections between our vacuum and the dryer ducts, and we take the necessary measures to prevent the backflow of debris. Finally, we wear booties on our feet to keep your floors clean, and if necessary, we will use drop cloths and plastic sheeting to protect your furniture.

If your dryer vent is damaged, we can also repair it back to a state that will prolong the life many more years to come.  We have been in the Eugene Dryer Vent Repair business for many years, and we know exactly what it takes to get your dryer vent repaired back to it’s initial standards.

Dryer vents can house a surprising amount of debris, and buildup can occur over a period of months, not years. If you are living in the Springfield or Eugene area, we can restore your dryer ducts to their original state. Our services are affordable, and we take a thoughtful, detail-oriented approach to our work. We have many years of experience working in the Springfield and Eugene areas, and we have dealt with a variety of commercial, residential and industrial properties. If you know that it has been a while since you last cleaned your dryer vent, give us a call, and we can discuss our rates and availability.