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Are you looking for Duct cleaning deals in Eugene?  Beware: Advantage Air Duct Cleaning in Eugene, OR recently had a very disappointed customer when they decided to buy a extremely cheap Groupon deal for $39 duct cleaning.  Unfortunately in this industry the market is saturated with dishonest companies who give people the idea that they will get quality cleaning work done for a very cheap price.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  My customer said that the company he got from Groupon did such a poor job he told the man from the company to leave the house within 15 minutes of him showing up.  The average cost of quality duct cleaning ranges between $400-$800 depending on the size of the home, where the furnace is located in the house, how many return air ducts and supply ducts you have, if there are multiple systems in the home and where your home is located geographically.  There are so many variables in the cost of quality duct cleaning.  Duct cleaning takes a special knowledge and understanding of how HVAC systems work so they can be cleaned properly.  If you hire a company to clean your ductwork that doesn’t have the knowledge, understanding and proper equipment, chances are that not much cleaning will actually get done and more damage than good will be done to your duct system.  Advantage Air Duct Cleaning in Eugene, OR has the right equipment for any duct system.  We use a truck-mounted Pringle Power-Vac truck that pulls 14,000 cubic feet
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