Residential Services

Our Residential Services

Our Residential Services

Whether you live on your own or with your family, there are certain aspects of home maintenance that you should not neglect. These would include cleaning your chimney and air ducts, removing attic insulation if necessary, and cleaning – if required, repairing – your dryer vent. Overlooking any one of these could lead to higher energy bills and possible health problems among residents of the house.

We offer comprehensive residential services covering all of the aforementioned jobs. When it comes to furnace, air duct, dryer vent and chimney cleaning, we use a powerful truck mounted vacuum that effectively removes all dust, lint, particulate matter and other debris that may be trapped.

Our approach is thorough and detailed. With respect to furnace and air duct cleaning, we will remove the dust and debris, but we will also disassemble and clean the blower fan. This process allows us to inspect the blower compartment and the condition of the heat exchanger (gas furnaces). Following the removal of soot and debris from the chimney, we will look for creosote buildup and remove it if we find any. We will also assess the structural integrity of the chimney and inform you of any possible safety issues.

We offer a few additional maintenance options to round out our package of residential services. Whether it’s due to a remodel, possible fire or water damage, or a poor initial installation, we can safely and efficiently remove insulation from your attic. We can also install and provide maintenance for chimney caps. All of our residential services include free estimates regardless of whether it’s a problem diagnosis or a more general assessment.

While on the job, we provide a level of care and attention to detail that any homeowner will appreciate. We wear booties on our shoes, cover the floors with drop cloths and we protect your furniture with plastic. In addition, we go to great lengths to keep our trucks well maintained so that even your driveway remains free of grease or oil stains. In short, regardless of the job, we will leave your house better than we found it.

Finally, it’s important to mention that we follow all industry standards. In particular, we subscribe to protocols set forth by SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association) and NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). Both of these associations promote best practices that will help ensure a lasting solution to whatever problem your facing rather than a quick fix that will soon require additional maintenance.