Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Depending on the size and nature of the property, commercial sites often need particular attention when it comes to the maintenance of furnaces, air ducts and chimneys. These properties can see high levels of foot traffic and it is for this reason that sufficient ventilation is critical. In addition, commercial businesses can end up with exorbitant energy bills if their buildings are rendered inefficient due to a lack of maintenance on certain components. We offer comprehensive commercial services in the following areas: furnace/air handler and air duct cleaning, coil cleaning, dryer exhaust cleaning and chimney cleaning and repair.

To clean the furnace, air handler and air ducts, we use a high-powered truck-mounted vacuum, which will effectively remove all dust, particulate matter and debris that may be negatively affecting the ventilation of the building. With respect to the furnace itself, we will disassemble the blower fan and thoroughly clean it while also assessing the state of the blower compartment and the heat exchanger, if it is a gas furnace.

If you have noticed that the temperature is unevenly distributed in your building, it could be a problem with dirty heating or cooling coils. We provide a detailed coil cleaning service that will help make your building more efficient.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have an industrial or household dryer on site. If that is the case, we can use our same truck-mounted vacuum to clear the dryer exhaust vent of all dust and lint. If the dryer exhaust vent is in any way clogged, you should have it serviced immediately as any obstruction can increase the risk of fire.

In addition to the commercial services above, we also offer chimney cleaning and repair. Like the dryer exhaust vent, a chimney with obstructed air flow is a fire risk and should be given immediate attention. Included in our chimney service is the removal of creosote, a harmful substance that can build up in chimneys that are not regularly cleaned.

Whether it’s cleaning the air ducts or the chimney, we take particular care to leave your place of business in better shape than we found it. We use drop cloths to protect the floors, plastic for the furniture and we even wear booties so that we don’t bring in any mud or dirt from outside.

It is also worth noting that we follow all of the latest maintenance procedures set forth by SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association) and NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). By following industry standards, we can assure that our commercial services are conducted in a safe and efficient manner while providing long-term benefits to our customers.