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I get so many customers who say, “I had no idea how much was involved in this process!”  There are so many services in the marketplace where a company comes out to your home and they’re gone within an hour.  This is not the case with duct cleaning.  So, what exactly happens during a duct cleaning?  A normal duct cleaning takes anywhere from 3 to 8 hours depending on the size of the job, access to the furnace and ductwork and the layout of the home. What a lot of customers don’t realize is that every return and supply duct must be accessed in order to do a proper cleaning.  We also need full access to the furnace as well as this is where most of the equipment is set up and where we gain access into the ducts for the vacuum. When we come to your home, it is best that any vehicles that  be moved out of the driveway or the garage.  This is due to that we have large equipment such as pipe and hose that we hook up from our truck to your furnace.  We ask the customer to give us a quick overview of the home so we can locate all of the return and supply ducts.  We need about 3 feet around each vent to where a person can get in with tools to clean.  Before we begin work we shut the power of to your furnace and heat pump (if equipped).  The blower
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