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Many homes that have a central heating unit have a problem with distribution of heating or cooling.  This can become an issue with extreme hot or cold days, leaving you in a situation of discomfort.  When you’ve got a central air conditioning unit, there is generally only one switch that controls the entire temperature for the house.  You can’t just force air into one room, it’s going to produce hot or cold air throughout the entire house.  There are a few different options you have in these scenarios, which we’ll explain below. Get your Ducts Cleaned and your HVAC Unit serviced The first thing to try is simple: get your ducts cleaned!  The problem could simply be that there is dust and debris blocking one specific room, or even the entire wing of your home.  If done properly by a professional, you’ll end up getting the “Central” back in your central air unit.  This is going to be the most cost effective over time as well.  Not only will your unit run smoothly in the future because it’s having to work less hard in order to produce the proper amount of comfortable air, but you’ll get the air into the room within the proper fashion.  Not only this, but the thing most people do in a situation where they’re uncomfortable is that they’ll turn the temperature down or up in the central unit, even though it’s just one room that is out of the temperature range they’re after.  The result
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