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Air ducts are vital components of your home’s heating and cooling system. You may have an efficient furnace, but if your air ducts are not in good condition, your heating and cooling efforts will be limited, and you will likely have an exorbitant energy bill. In addition, damaged ducts could end up pulling dust and debris into your home. Damaged air ducts are not unusual in older homes. Over time, air ducts can suffer from basic wear and tear. Air duct damage is also a common occurrence in homes that have recently undergone repairs or renovations. Ducts can easily be damaged by work crews that are not careful. In most cases, air ducts can be repaired and restored to their original state. We provide comprehensive duct repair service on residential, commercial and industrial properties. We start by assessing your air ducts for damage. By testing the airflow, we detect whether there are any leaks or openings in the ducts. From there, we inspect specific areas that may need to be repaired. Air duct systems can be extensive, and it’s important to be aware of particularly vulnerable areas. If there are any leaks, we will seal them with mastic foam or metal tape, depending on the nature of the leak. We will repair or replace any joints that are unsealed. We will also look at the air duct insulation to see if it needs to be modified or replaced. When we have finished repairing your air ducts, we will test your
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