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Heating and cooling systems that are installed in homes serve the purpose of regulating the flow of air in our homes. The ducts installed along the premises of the place, through which air keeps circulating with the functioning of the system must be maintained. Just as regular maintenance of heating systems is essential, duct cleaning for homes is also significant. This is not just a general need, there are several specific reasons why unclean ducts attached to the heating systems can cause serious damage to its functioning and are hazardous for human health as well. Here is an overview of why dirty ducts are bad. Impact of Dust & Dirt on the HVAC Systems The air inside or around a house may seem clean, but may be contaminated with invisible dirt molecules which can’t be seen until they are accumulated in greater amounts. Each time the system is made to run, dirty air gets circulated throughout the house. With twists & turns in the ducts installed & the pressure of circulation, microscopic dust flowing throughout gets accumulated across furnace ends, on air conditioning filters and in vents as well. Also, due to improper cleaning of ducts, along with negligence of changing AC filters, the functioning of the HVAC system is affected with time. This is why it is essential to opt for professional services for duct cleaning for homes. Impact on Human Health with Dirty Ducts It’s not only a generally accepted idea, but a proven study that unclean, dirty
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