We enjoy helping people solve their problems when it comes to heating and air conditioning appliances.  When I’m in Eugene/Springfield and surrounding areas there are always quirky issues that homeowners have that I can take care of.  It could be a sticky damper or a weird noise.  I also have the ability to replace blower motors, install custom chimney caps, bid on installation of a new wood stove and stainless steel liner.  We can install filter racks and order special high efficiency filters for people with bad allergies.  Please feel free to ask, we are more than happy to help with anything you need assistance with.

We ventured out to the home show this last weekend at the Lane County fair grounds.  Although we did not have a booth, it was great to see so many great services offered in our community.  There are so many different products and contractor services out there it’s astonishing how we can all stay busy.  I saw everything from something as simple as pest control and moss cleaning services to things that cost thousands and thousands of dollars like custom kitchens and counter tops.  It was also nice to see how many people were in the market for home improvement.  It is a great feeling knowing that the even in this rough economy, there are still people out there that have the means to make elaborate improvements to their home.  We will definitely be making an effort to getting Advantage Air Duct Cleaning into the home show next year.  It’s a great way to network with other companies and also find some new clients for our business that may not even know that we exist.

We service many areas outside of the Eugene/Springfield area.  We go up the McKenzie River frequently and down towards Cottage Grove very often.  Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the services we offer.  541-653-8585